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Ryan Gosling Bio

By | October 24, 2017


We know him from the famous cartoon that we grew up watching: Mickey Mouse! With his infectious smile, deep blue sexy eyes which are very attractive such that one feels he is trying to connect with him/her! Talk about his charming personality that leaves many ladies hoping to have a crush on him! Ryan Gosling, the celebrity, actor, musician and best of all a father too! Let’s delve deep into his life and achievements that have made him world-wide celebrity.
Born in 12 November 1980, the 36 year old star is a Canadian actor and musician. His full name is Ryan Thomas Gosling and was born in Ontario, London to Thomas Ray Gosling his father and Donna Gosling his mother who were both Mormons. Sadly his parents divorced when he was 13 and he and his sister Mandi had to live with their mother. Ryan was educated in three schools namely Gladstone Public School, Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational school and Lester B. Pearson High School. However at the age of 17, he decided to drop out of school to focus on his acting career.
Ryan met Eva de la Caridad Mendes an American actress when acting in the Movie; ‘ The Place Beyond the Pines’ ( September 2011). The two began dating and later got married. They were blessed with two daughters: Esmeralda Amada who was born in 12th September 2014 and Amada Lee born on April 29 2016. Ryan previously lived in New York City with his mixed breed dog but now resides in Los Feliz, California, USA.
Ryan began his career by starring the the famous TV cartoon series: The Mickey Mouse Club. ( 1993-1995) . He appeared in other family entertainment programs namely: ‘ Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ and ‘ Goosebumps’. His first movie was ‘ The Believer'( 2001) in which he starred as a Jewish Neo-Nazi. He went on to appear in other films namely ‘Murder by Numbers’ ( 2002) , ‘ The Slaughter Rule'( 2002) and ‘ The United States of Leland’ (2003).
His career breakers that thrust him into the limelight was when it came to 2004 when he acted in the romantic drama ‘The Notebook’ followed by ‘Half Nelson’ ( 2006) in which he acted as a drug addicted teacher which he was nominated for an academy award. This was followed by tow other Globe Awards nominated movies namely ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ (2007) and Blue Valentine (2010). The most notable ones were the financial comedy drama, ‘ The Big Short’ ( 2015) and ‘ La La Land’ (2016) a musical romantic movie. ‘The Big Short’ enabled him to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor-Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and ‘La La Land’ he received a second nomination for Academy Award for Best Actor.
To date he has acted in over 25 films since 1997 and starred in over 15 Television programs and series. He has been nominated in 100 awards and won 20 of them with the latest movie to be nominated being ‘La La Land’ (2016).
His singing career came into light when he first made his solo: ‘ Put Me In the Car.’ (2007) Later that year,him and his friends made a band which they called ‘ Dead Man’s Bones’. Ryan Gosling and his friends had initially conceived the band to have a monster themed concept but they later settled to band that was inexpensive. They recorded their first album at Silverlake Conservartory Childrens Choir and released it in October 2009. Pitchfork Media commented that the album was unique catch and a lovable weird record. Their last recorded performance was in September 2010 when the band performed at the Los Angeles FYF Festival.
Ryan Gosling was raised up by parents who were strict Mormons. He was raised as a mormon and he states that religion influenced every aspect of their lives as a kid. However, in recent times, it seems he has left his Mormon faith. This is due to the fact that he no longer makes any references to having religious beliefs.
Ryan Gosling in the recent past does not seem to be interested or clinging to politics. He appears to be very liberal when it comes to social views. However, he has been seen as a supporter of Bernie Sanders and his views on being anti-racist and favor of marriage equality. However, he never really endorsed Bernie Sanders in his political race.
He has been branded a ‘Ladies man’ and a ‘Super Feminist’ especially due to his feministic views and comments. He is an active supporter of ladies rights and champions for social justice against women oppressors. For instance, he has been quoted saying that: ” Hey Girl, Please Legitimately register to legitimately vote for anyone who understands that your vagina is not a veliciraptor.” His meme and comments in the movie all point him towards being a ladies man who holds feministic views.
Ryan Gosling had been documented to having contributed to eight charities so far namely: Enough Project, Invisible Children, Mercy for Animals, One Campaign, PETA, SickKids Foundation,Silverlake Conservatory of Music and the Art of Elysium. He has partnered with other famous actors like Casey Affleck, Kristen Bell and Emile Hirsch. Amongst the causes he has supported are HIV/Aids, Animals, Cancer, Children, Creative Arts, Health, Human Rights, Peace, Poverty, Sexual Abuse, Rape and disasters like Hurricane Katrina. He has traveled to countries like Chad, Uganda and Eastern Congo in relation to the Enough Project work.
” I’ve learned its important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is.” Ryan Gosling
” I did what I had to do to get to where I wanted to go. I had unearthed confidence.” Ryan Gosling.
To everyone’s amazement, Ryan recently revealed that one of his hobbies was knitting! Like seriously? However, this is attributed to his upbringing. Other hobbies are playing the guitar, watching movies and singing.

There you have it. Ryan Gosling, the superstar branded ladies man. Catch him on his latest movie ‘La La Land’ which is a musical/ romantic movie with the tune of ‘City of Stars’ that he stars with Emma Stone who also won an Academy Award for best Actress. Ryan life is one marked by success right from an early age to present.


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What is Hassan Jameel’s Religion?

By | October 24, 2017

What is Hassan Jameel’s Religion?

With this report we uncover Hassan Jameel religion. We will explain what Hassan Jameel’s religion is and what being Muslim means to Hassan Jameel.

Is Hassan Jameel Muslim?

Yes, Hassan Jameel follows Islam.

What does it mean for Hassan Jameel to be a Muslim?

All that it means is Hassan Jameel is a believer of a religion called Islam

Has Hassan Jameel been Muslim since birth or did they convert?

Our research seem to indicate that Hassan Jameel has believed in Islam from a young age

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What accommodations should I make for  Hassan Jameel’s Islamic faith than Judaeo-christian values?

In all religions many people follow their religions teachings with different intensities of stringency. Just like the bulk of Christian’s announce themselves as Christian’s but only celebrate Easter for the turkey dinner, many of those who practice Islam decide which parts of of their holy teachings that they stick to.

A few of the practices of Islam that are most often practiced and may impact Hassan Jameel are:

  • A daily prayer: Hassan Jameel will likely want a private space in which they can perform their Islamic prayer
  • Fasting for Ramadan: For Ramadan Hassan Jameel will likely need to not eat until nightfall to take part in the practice of “Sawm” fasting for apologize for sin. It is similar to when Christians fast from certain foods for Lent.
  • Diet: Many Muslims follow a specific diet commonly known as Halal. Because of Halal muslims like Hassan Jameel are unable to eat dishes that include pork, blood, carrion or alcohol. The meat in their meals they need it to be killed in God’s name by a a Muslim, Christian or Jew. The creature is also required to be a herbivore.

Simply because a large number Muslims partake in these tenants. It doesn’t mean that Hassan Jameel believes in all of these. Everyone follows religion however they see fit.

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Hassan Jameel Muslim. Did that surprise you? If not, check out our list of “22 Surprising Muslim Celebs in America” (#9 will shock you!)

What is Rya Nightingale’s Religion?

By | October 24, 2017

What is Rya Nightingale’s Religion?

In this article we discuss Rya Nightingale religion. We will explain what Rya Nightingale’s religion is as well as what being Muslim means to Rya Nightingale.

Is Rya Nightingale Muslim?

Yes, Rya Nightingale is Muslim.

What does it mean for Rya Nightingale to be a Muslim?

This indicates Rya Nightingale is a part of a religion called Islam

Has Rya Nightingale been Muslim since birth or did they convert?

The articles we’ve researched propose that Rya Nightingale followed Islam from a young age

If you have information otherwise please contact us on the correction form below!

What should I know about  Rya Nightingale’s believe in Islam as opposed to Judaeo-christian values?

With each religion most people follow the religious covenants at varying levels of strictness. This is the same plenty of Christian’s announce themselves as Christian’s but only go to church on holidays, plenty Islamic individuals vary in which sections of the faith that they follow.

Some elements of the religion of the Islamic faith which most Muslims believe and may impact Rya Nightingale included:

  • Daily prayer: Rya Nightingale may request a private spot where they will say their daily prayer
  • Fasting at Ramadan: At Ramadan Rya Nightingale could need to partake in a fast for most of the day to take part in the practice of “Sawm” a fast for as a show of faith. It is similar to when Christians fast from certain foods at the time of Lent.
  • Diet: Most Muslims have a strict diet commonly referred to Halal. This means muslims like Rya Nightingale shouldn’t eat foods that have pork, blood, carrion or alcohol. The meat they consume it is required to be slaughtered in God’s name by someone who is a Muslim, Christian or Jew. The creature also needs to be a herbivore.

Simply because a large number Islamic followers restrict themselves to these guidelines. It isn’t 100% that Rya Nightingale has these requirements. Everyone follows their faith in their own way.

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Rya Nightingale Muslim. Did that surprise you? If not, check out our list of “22 Surprising Muslim Celebs in America” (#9 will shock you!)