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We Have No Idea What’s Happening in This First Look at AHS Season 10, but We Love It

By | March 10, 2021

We couldn’t tell you anything concrete about American Horror Story‘s 10th season – aside from the fact that it’s definitely, probably, filming right now – but we can give you a proper first look! On March 10, series creator Ryan Murphy posted a photo on Instagram giving fans a peek behind the scenes from the season’s set in Provincetown, MA. “Something wicked this way comes,” Murphy captioned the shot of series regular Leslie Grossman and AHS newcomer Macaulay Culkin. The two stand with their backs to a beach wearing heavy-looking fur coats, which are definitely not proper beach attire. We can only guess what they’re doing at said location wearing those getups, but it’s probably a fair assumption that they’re up to no good. Although, who isn’t during any season of AHS?

While there hasn’t been much in the way of clues on the theme for the still-untitled season, the teasers we have been given point to an aquatic adventure being the main focus. Putting the pieces together, as well as the recent photo of Grossman and Culkin by the water, we’re getting the feeling that we could be looking at a mashup of The Little Mermaid and The Shape of Water, which both intrigues and terrifies me. At least we’ll have a good mix of AHS favorites and new faces to bring the story to life! Along with Grossman and Culkin, the cast includes Sarah Paulson, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, Billie Lourd, Finn Wittrock, and Evan Peters, who previously sat out of AHS: 1984.

We’ll have to see how season 10 plays out when it finally comes to FX. Until then, we’ll be looking over every inch of that photo to see if we can divine any other clues!

WandaVision’s Kick-Ass Reference Is Just a Fun Easter Egg – No Hidden Meanings Here!

By | February 14, 2021

WandaVision is packed with references to other superhero properties, but we definitely did not expect a reference to Kick-Ass to show up! The 2010 superhero movie (and superhero movie satire) is technically based on a Marvel property, but its presence in WandaVision is purely a joke about casting, not a hint about anything we should be theorizing about.

The scene is so quick, you might miss it! During a trick-or-treating sequence, Tommy is particularly delighted at his uncle Pietro’s suggestion that they go trick-or-treating together (with the implied advantage of Pietro’s super speed). “Yeah, kick-ass!” he exclaims. As they head off together, Wanda is left behind, repeating “Kick-ass…” to herself. It’s framed like a classic ’90s sitcom trope of a mother being exasperated at her kids learning more mature language, but the repetition highlights that this is no throwaway line of dialogue.

In fact, it’s a reference to the fact that playing Quicksilver isn’t the only thing that connects Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters. Both starred in the 2010 movie version of Kick-Ass: Taylor-Johnson as wannabe vigilante Dave Lizewski (aka “Kick-Ass”) and Peters as his pal Todd. Amusingly, there’s a recast twist involving Peters in that franchise too. In Kick-Ass 2, Todd tries to become a vigilante like his friend, but he’s no longer played by Peters; at the time, CinemaBlend reported that Peters’s involvement with American Horror Story may have caused a scheduling conflict that required him to drop out of the sequel. This time, it’s Peters who is the “recast” version of an old character!

In a weird way, it’s almost nice to have an Easter egg in WandaVision that doesn’t require too much overthinking or theorizing! While most of the little hints and allusions to other superheroes have us trying to figure out what it could mean for the show and for the Marvel universe as a whole, this one is just a silly, fun casting joke!