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Calling All Regé-Jean Page Fans, the Duke of Hastings Just Signed On to a Pretty Major Film

By | February 17, 2021

The portrayer of everyone’s favorite fictional duke (if that is indeed a thing), Regé-Jean Page, is coming back to our screens for a brand-new iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy tabletop game that was the basis of a 2000 film of the same name. While there is set to be a TV series launching with the same title, this film is a stand-alone project that’s due for release next year. The Bridgerton actor will be starring alongside Chris Pine, Justice Smith, and Michelle Rodriguez but will be taking a “leading role,” as reported by Radio Times.

According to producer Roy Lee, the new Dungeons & Dragons is “a Guardians of the Galaxy-tone movie in a Tolkien-like universe” and “a Raiders [of the Lost Ark] romp inside that world.” Admittedly, it’s quite the change from dukes and dances, but we’re still looking forward to seeing Page take center stage. Full details of the film and its release have yet to be announced.

Hopefully, confirmation of his next project will put those James Bond rumors to rest, as Page has not actually been cast for the role. In other Page news, Bridgerton‘s second season is well and truly in the cards, with Page being recast for his role and new additions to the cast being announced as we speak. Most recently, Sex Education star Simone Ashley has been cast for the role of Kate Sharma, Anthony Bridgerton’s love interest. We cannot wait.

Jill Biden Sent Michelle Obama This Symbolic Gift Straight From the White House

By | February 4, 2021

Image Source: Getty / Chip Somodevilla

The Obamas may no longer be living in the White House, but they still get to enjoy some of the perks, thanks to the Bidens. On Tuesday, Michelle Obama took to her Instagram to share a huge basket of some of the prettiest greens I’ve ever seen, sent by none other than her friend and First Lady Jill Biden. But it wasn’t just any gift – filled with Tuscan kale, broccoli, turnips, and other leafy vegetables, the fresh bundle came straight from the White House Kitchen Garden, which Michelle herself built in 2009 and holds close to her heart.

“So thankful for this beautiful care package from our amazing @FLOTUS!” Michelle captioned the photo. “These fresh veggies from the White House Kitchen Garden were such a wonderful – and delicious – surprise. Love you, Jill!” To which Jill sweetly responded, “Food is love.”

The former first lady planted the garden when Barack Obama first took office in 2009 to start a national conversation about health and nutrition. Throughout the years, produce from the garden has been used for meals in the White House for the first family and guests alike. Get a closer look at the meaningful gift ahead.

Barack Obama Celebrates Michelle’s 57th Birthday: “Every Moment With You Is a Blessing”

By | January 18, 2021

Break out the cake and balloons, because a celebration is in order for Michelle Obama‘s birthday. On Jan. 17, the former first lady turned 57. Naturally, our former President Barack Obama wrote a beautiful message to commemorate the occasion. We wouldn’t expect anything less from these two. “Happy birthday to my love, my partner, and my best friend,” Barack captioned his Instagram post. “Every moment with you is a blessing. Love you, Miche.” How sweet! After 28 years of marriage, Barack and Michelle have certainly spent many special birthdays together, but we hope this is the best one yet.

Michelle Obama Gave Barack a Drawing For Christmas, but the Story Behind It Is the Real Gift

By | December 31, 2020

Michelle Obama gave Barack Obama an unforgettable Christmas gift this year. On Wednesday, the former president shared a peek at the priceless present from his wife on Instagram. Michelle commissioned an artist named Valentino Dixon to draw a massive piece for Barack, of the 12th hole at Augusta National in Georgia. For Barack, “it’s an incredible piece, but the story behind it is even better.”

Valentino was wrongfully convicted of a crime at age 21, and sentenced to serve 38 and a half years to life in prison. During this time, he reconnected with his love for art and began drawing for six to 10 hours every day. Despite never having set foot on a golf course, a warden asked Valentino to draw the 12th hole of the legendary Augusta National Golf Club. He used magazines as inspiration and created golf pieces during his two decades behind bars.

Valentino’s art was recognized by golf publications, and through magazine profiles (and his family’s efforts) his case garnered more attention. However, it wasn’t until 2018 when three Georgetown undergraduate students uncovered evidence proving Valentino’s innocence that he was exonerated. He was wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years.

Although Valentino’s incarceration could’ve left him incredibly angry and jaded, he has devoted the last few years to advocacy and public speaking. He speaks out in favor of prison reform and uses his story in the hopes of making a positive change to the criminal justice system. Valentino also continued drawing, eventually connecting with Michelle when she purchased the piece for Barack. “Thankfully, for me and for so many others, he continues to draw,” Barack wrote. “I’m so proud to have one of his works to display.”

“We’ve Endured So Much”: Michelle Obama Reflects on Black Lives Matter in 2020

By | December 23, 2020

In 2020, an estimated 15 million to 26 million people participated in nationwide demonstrations ignited by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, marking the largest movement in US history. On Dec. 22, former First Lady Michelle Obama took to Instagram to reflect on the lasting impact of the Black Lives Matter movement and the importance of embracing generosity, kindness, and humanity at both the individual and societal levels.

“For me, the holidays have always been a chance to slow down and reflect,” the former first lady wrote. “We’ve endured so much this past year, from the devastation of the pandemic to the ups and downs of a hard-won election. But what has perhaps stayed with me most is the passionate message of justice and empathy that has defined the Black Lives Matter protests around the world.”

“I hope more people can find it in their hearts to meet these cries for decency not with mistrust, but with love and a willingness to listen.”

Narrowing in on individual instances of empathy, Michelle shared a video of Patrick Hutchinson, a protester in the UK who displayed unwavering humanity when he carried a stranger to safety during a Black Lives Matter protest back in June, despite the possibility that the man was a counter protester. “I want to highlight this story because it’s hard to see so many people distort the unity and righteousness of these protests,” Michelle wrote. “They’ve been sowing seeds of division, misrepresenting those crying out for justice as troublemakers or criminals. The truth is the millions around the world who showed up with their homemade signs were marching with the same kind of compassion that Mr. Hutchinson shows here.”

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It’s this kind of empathy and compassion that the former first lady hopes will fuel future protests and demonstrations. “I hope more people can find it in their hearts to meet these cries for decency not with mistrust, but with love and a willingness to listen,” she wrote. “Because as the COVID-19 crisis has made clear, our fates are inextricably bound. If the least of us struggles, we all in some way feel that pain. And, unless we keep speaking out and marching for equality, none of us will ever truly be free.”

Looking ahead to the new year, Michelle implored that we all take what we’ve learned about humanity and kindness in 2020 and apply those learnings as we move forward in the ongoing fight for social and racial justice. “I pray that in 2021, more of us will reach out to understand the experiences of those who don’t look, or vote, or think like we do,” she wrote. “I pray that we learn to pause when we’re tempted to react in anger or suspicion. And I pray that we choose generosity and kindness over our worst impulses. That isn’t always easy. But it’s a place to start.”