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Why We’ll Likely Have to Wait a While For Taylor Swift’s Rerecorded Reputation Album

By | April 10, 2021

Taylor Swift is slowly but surely rolling out her rerecorded albums, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is it nostalgic hearing her old songs with her updated vocals, but she’ll now own the rights to her music. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is the first rerecorded album to be released, but what about the rest of her albums with Big Machine Records? While Swift has already started working on 1989 – as evident by her rerecorded version of “Wildest Dreams” in the Spirit Untamed trailer – it will likely be a while before we can hear Reputation.

According to Rolling Stone, many recording contracts state that rerecording songs is prohibited until “the later of two years following the expiration of the agreement or five years after the commercial release.” If that is indeed the case with Reputation, that means that legally Swift wouldn’t be allowed to start the rerecording process until Nov. 11, 2022, which is exactly five years after the album’s original release. Seeing how long it took Swift to rerecord and release Fearless, we likely wouldn’t get a rerecorded Reputation album until mid-2023.

The good news is that we have plenty to look forward to until then. Like previously mentioned, Swift is already busy at work rerecording her previous albums. In the prologue letter for her rerecorded Fearless album, she noted that she is incredibly excited about sharing the updated versions of her songs with fans. “This process has been more fulfilling and emotional than I could’ve imagined and has made me even more determined to re-record all of my music,” she said. We are certainly . . . ready for it.

Why That Misogynistic Ginny & Georgia Remark Is More Problematic Than You Might Think

By | March 11, 2021

Since its Feb. 24 release, Netflix’s new series Ginny & Georgia has faced severe criticism for making an offhand, outdated, and sexist remark at the expense of Taylor Swift’s personal life. In the season finale, the titular mother-daughter duo engages in a heated argument about their respective complicated love lives. Feeling inspected and blind-sided by her mother’s knowledge of her covert love affair, Ginny resorts to a deeply flawed, uncalled-for quip, sniping, “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift?”

Naturally, Swift’s fans caught wind of the jab and subsequently expressed their disapproval by getting “Respect Taylor Swift” trended on worldwide Twitter. On March 1, Taylor herself weighed in on the matter by sending out a succinct tweet, calling out Netflix for its complicity in the debacle.

This isn’t the first time such an incendiary comment has made into a Netflix show. In a 2017 episode titled “#GetMoney,” a character in Degrassi: Next Class also echoed a similar sentiment, saying, “Taylor Swift made an entire career off of her exes.” In her tweet, Taylor pointed out that she was especially disheartened as Netflix exclusively streamed the singer-songwriter’s documentary, Miss Americana, last year that expansively details the toll toxic media coverage took on Swift’s personal life and mental health. (Netflix is also home to the recorded version of Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour.)

Criticism isn’t limited to Netflix as an organization; some fans deluged actor Antonia Gentry’s social handles with hateful messages and disturbing racial slurs. The show is Gentry’s first major acting credit; there’s no reason why she should be targeted or singled out when the creators of the show and Netflix fully had the reins. On March 5, Gentry posted a lengthy note on her Instagram expressing her gratitude for fans’ love and support through it all. Noting that while Ginny Miller is a fictional character, “she shows us our biases, prejudices, and injustices . . . She makes mistakes – morally, mentally, physically, emotionally – and not just within herself, but within the broken world she lives in.”

To anyone wondering why one “flippant” remark is gaining massive attention – there is more to this than meets the eye. The fact that there are two women writers behind the show is bewildering to me; and also proof positive that none of us – not even women – are immune to the internalized misogyny that is ingrained into us ever since our childhood. It runs deep.

None of us – not even women – are immune to the internalized misogyny that is ingrained into us ever since our childhood. It runs deep.

Swift has been subjected to this type of “subtle” sexism for years. The mere fact that she chooses to write about her relationships in her songs is deemed strategic by some, to put it mildly. Not long into her professional life, Swift’s dating life was unduly speculated upon, picked apart, and ridiculed in the public eye, so much so that her artistry was reduced to nothing more than fodder for hot gossip about who the subject of the song may be. This, in large measure, fed into the inspiration behind 2017’s Reputation – a much-needed record in which she attempts to regain control of her life’s narrative. Fast forward to 2021, the bigotry rears its ugly head yet again. So yes, I can imagine why it struck a nerve.

While male writers have been making music about their love lives since the beginning of time, not once in my 25 years of existence have they ever been put through hell and dragged through the mud the same way a woman is. As a matter of fact, they are revered and put on the pedestal for their transparency and vulnerability. Women are slandered and shamed for doing something that men are celebrated for – the very epitome of double standards. It seems to me that the amount of persecution and abuse hurled your way glaringly – and quite frankly, conveniently – boils down to whether you are a woman or a man in this world. Alexa, play “The Man” by Taylor Swift.

I’ve noticed several people say that “this is not a proportional response to a joke.” If this was a response to an isolated remark, I might agree – but it’s not. This rebellion is an amalgamation of pent-up frustration to all the misogynistic, malignant comments and jokes people have directed at Swift – and women, in general – for years on end. We’re not losing our collective temper over a minuscule, seemingly insignificant reference for no apparent reason; we recognize the fluorescent fact that Swift has been on the receiving end of this treatment for what is now half her life.

Swift isn’t the only mainstream celebrity, let alone the only woman, who has had to go through this horrifying cycle. One need not look further than Britney Spears and Meghan Markle to see paparazzi and tabloids ripping apart successful, hard-working women.

These “jokes” were not funny a decade ago, they are definitely not funny now. Including this type of biased dialogue in a series immortalizes a narrative that millions of viewers will be introduced and reintroduced to for years to come. The “take a joke” mentality simply minimizes the irrevocable damage the sexist attitude is causing. It’s not even the misogyny that scares me, it’s the denial of it. Making a mistake is human. Inserting that unwarranted remark and refusing to own up to your part while burying your head in the sand – that I take issue with.

We may have biases and prejudices against women without realizing they exist. You can “know better” and still, your subconscious might take a while to catch up to your instincts. You can be a fierce feminist, and yet have bigotry and misogyny coursing through your veins unbeknownst to you. As sad as it is, these two aren’t mutually exclusive. It takes action and education to combat the poisonous ideology that’s been programmed and baked into our brains without our consent or knowledge. It cannot be dealt in one fell swoop at the wave of a magic wand.

It’s high time we took a long hard look at ourselves and discard the beliefs that don’t dovetail with our feminist ideals. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, “Toss it out, reject it, and resist it.”

Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift Among 2021 Grammys Performers

By | March 7, 2021

We finally know who’ll be performing at the Grammys on March 14. Music’s biggest award show was postponed in January due to COVID-19 concerns, but the show will go on. A week before air, CBS announced the artists taking the (virtual) stage and bring their music to the screen. Fans can expect performers like Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Megan Thee Stallion, Taylor Swift, and more to grace their screens with some of 2020’s most popular tracks. Check out a list of the performers ahead, and make sure to check back here for more updates before Trevor Noah hosts the big show on Sunday.

Taylor Swift Dedicated Her Rerecorded “Love Story” to Her Fans, and We’re Emotional

By | February 12, 2021

Image Source: Getty / Jason Kempin

We’re finally getting a glimpse of Taylor Swift‘s rerecorded tracks! On Friday, the singer finally released her new version of her hit single “Love Story,” and it’s even more magical than we could have hoped. The lyric video for the new track is super nostalgic as it features countless photos of the singer with fans during her Fearless era. At the end of the video, she dedicates the hit love song to her fans alongside an old picture of her doing a hand heart.

Swift first announced that she was rerecording her first five albums in August 2019, in an attempt to own the masters to her original music amid her ongoing music battle with Scooter Braun. In December 2020, she unveiled the first glimpse of her rerecorded “Love Story” in a Match.com commercial written by Ryan Reynolds. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, she’s also releasing Fearless (Taylor’s Version) very soon, which will include 26 songs, including six never-before-released tracks from the vault.

While her updated “Love Story” sounds pretty much identical to the original version, Swift promised she still has “plenty of surprises in store.” Given all the references she’s made to “All Too Well” lately, maybe we’ll finally get to hear the 10-minute version of the song. Listen to the updated “Love Story” ahead.

This Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift Mashup Is the Musical Collab of My Wildest Dreams

By | January 12, 2021

In case you haven’t heard yet, Olivia Rodrigo is taking over the music industry. The 17-year-old dropped her debut single, “Drivers License,” on Friday, and it has been climbing the charts ever since. In addition to going No. 1 on iTunes, the track also caught the attention of a superstar and Rodrigo’s personal music idol, Taylor Swift. Following the release, Swift applauded Rodrigo’s music success with an adorable comment that read, “I say that’s my baby and I’m really proud,” echoing the famous meme of her mother, Andrea.

In honor of Rodrigo’s debut single, YouTuber Adamusic made the ultimate breakup track by mashing up “Drivers License” and Taylor Swift’s “Getaway Car” from Reputation. Let’s just say, I want to scream-cry the track as I cruise around in the car with the top down. Seriously, can we please get a real-life collaboration between the iconic songwriters? Listen to the incredible mashup above.