What is Malia Bouattia’s Religion?

By | October 24, 2017

What is Malia Bouattia’s Religion?

In this post we look at Malia Bouattia religion. We will discuss what Malia Bouattia’s religion is and what being Muslim means to Malia Bouattia.

Is Malia Bouattia Muslim?

Yes, Malia Bouattia is a Muslim.

What does it mean for Malia Bouattia to be a Muslim?

This means Malia Bouattia is a part of the Islamic faith

Has Malia Bouattia been Muslim since birth or did they convert?

The research we’ve gathered suggest that Malia Bouattia has always been Muslim

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What is different about ¬†Malia Bouattia’s Muslim faith as opposed to Christian faiths?

As with any religious order everyone follow the religious covenants with varying levels of commitment. In the same way the bulk of Christian’s announce themselves as Christian’s but don’t go to their church service every Sunday, a lot of Muslims choose which rules of the faith that they follow.

Some practices of the Islamic faith that are most often practiced and may impact Malia Bouattia are:

  • A daily prayer: Malia Bouattia may need a separate location where they can perform their Islamic prayer
  • Fasting at Ramadan: At the time of Ramadan Malia Bouattia¬†will likely want to stop eating until nightfall because of the practice of “Sawm” a fast for to respect God. It’s much like where Christians refrain from certain foods for Lent.
  • Diet: Many of the Islamic faith are on a strict strict diet called Halal. Because of their diet muslims like Malia Bouattia are told not to eat meals that include pork, blood, carrion or alcohol. Meat products it is required to have been slaughtered in the name of God by someone who is a Muslim, Christian or Jew. The animal also needs to be a herbivore.

Simply because a large number Muslim people partake in these rules. It isn’t 100% that Malia Bouattia follows these. Everyone practices their faith however they see fit.

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